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Last Sunday Morning

Reasons to fight for Life from 1 Corinthians

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The fight for life in our culture is a constant battle. There are circumstances that make me think that we are winning ground. More and more pregnancy resource centers are being opened and more and more abortion clinics are being closed. Ultrasound technology has helped the newest generation actually see life in the womb. Even some legislation (mostly at the State levels) has helped protect the unborn. Yet, the battle continues. I remember watching the Planned Parenthood videos that came out last year and wondering what impact they would actually have on the issue of abortion in our country. I think we are still waiting to see the full impact, but I am thankful for the light that has been brought to darkness and for the response of many asking for the closing of that company, which has resulted in numerous closures in certain States. But, the battle continues. Even if Planned Parenthood closed for good tomorrow, it seems that someone else would replace them. Even if abortions may be down in some places, the use of the morning after pill continues to grow. Even if it gets harder and harder to argue that a baby is not a baby until it leaves the womb, some still just do not really care if it is a baby or not. And so, the battle rages on.

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Sharing the Gospel - Introduction

Sunday Evening, April 9, 2006

I.  Introduction:
 How would you answer the questions: How does a person become a Christian?  What is the gospel?  How can I be saved?  Why do I need to be saved?  All of these questions are important for us to answer as we come into contact with an unbelieving world.  Yet, at times, we find ourselves unable to articulate an answer (or at least an answer that we feel is appropriate).  Before I came as pastor here at Trinity, I was asked to possibly teach some on the issue of sharing our faith with others.  Thus, for the next few weeks, I want us to try and answer the above questions in a way that will aid us in sharing the gospel with our neighbors, family members, friends, co-workers, and even strangers.  Tonight I want to begin with a couple of introductory questions.

Last Updated ( Monday, 14 May 2007 )

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