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Sharing the Gospel

I.  Introduction:

 Next week, Bro. Jim Barnhart from Miner Baptist will be coming to speak to us about several short-term mission trip opportunities.  In order to prepare for that, I would like to talk with you tonight about the value of short-term missions.  What is ‘short-term missions’?  Well, I guess it could be a wide variety of things, but what I am referring to is short trips (usually one to two weeks) to go to a particular place to help a particular long-term missionary.  Bro. Jim will be talking about several of these trips that you can be a part of next week.  Before we go much further, let me ask this question: who should consider going on such trips?  I agree with John Piper’s answer to that question: “We're so mobile that I think that sometime in every Christian's life in America they should go and do something. From the time you're nine to ninety years old, plan a couple of weeks of short-term missions.  I can't think of any reason why a Christian wouldn't want to build that into a life plan, and then to say, ‘Maybe God will do something with it that will shape my whole life.’”   Thus, if you are a believer and anywhere between the ages of nine and ninety, then you should at least consider doing short-term missions. 

II.  Testimonies:

 Let’s begin tonight by listening to some folks in our Church who have gone on short-term mission trips (Glenna, Lauren, Jonathan, William, others?).

III.  Some of the values of doing short-term missions:

 A.  You get to play a ‘hands-on’ role in the Great Commission in another place in the world.  It is good for us to see what living the Christian life is like in other places of the world.  Hopefully this will enlarge our view of God and His mission in the world.
 B.  You get to serve and encourage a long-term missionary.  My goal for short-term trips would be to serve and encourage the missionary, or missionaries, that we are working with.  Unfortunately, this goal can get looked over at times.  I pray that we would be intentional about this as the Lord gives us opportunities to go.

 C.  You get to spend a week away from ‘normal life’ serving Christ.  This may sound silly or trite, but there is something about putting everything else aside and just spending a week working hard for the Lord. 

 D.  You get to learn from all of the above how to be more faithful in missions back home.  So often what happens on short-term trips is a renewed passion to speak the gospel in your own context.  Many realize that people all around them need to be served and hear the good news, so they get more involved in such work.  Short-term missions can encourage us to do long-term missions here in Sikeston.

 E.  You get to wrestle with God’s calling on your own life. Piper notes: “One of the payoffs (of short-term missions) is that there is scarcely today an under-fifty missionary on the field who didn't do a short-term mission before they went out.”   Short-term mission trips have been one of the means that God has used to inspire and call-out long-term missionaries.  Thus, as we pray and long for God to send out missionaries from our Church, we should be doing short-term missions.

IV.  Conclusion:

 I hope this helps you see the value in short-term mission trips.  I encourage you to begin praying even now about how the Lord will use these in your life.  Come back next week to hear more about the opportunities that we have.  Amen.

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