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Thanks for stopping by the internet home page of Trinity Baptist Church.  To continue reading this welcome message, along with an explanation of some of the other features of our site and a few navigation tips, click the "Read more..." link just below this paragraph. 

Whether you're a member of our church, a visitor to the Sikeston area, or simply a casual web surfer, we hope you'll find your time here both informative and helpful. We're building this site with at least two goals clearly in mind--to glorify God, and to strengthen and encourage your faith in Him. So we invite you to look around.  Find out more about us.  Take advantage of the good online resources and links we offer, and please check back often.  New items will be added regularly.  Please note that we've added the ability to leave comments on any page of our website.  Your comments are welcome, and encouraged!

Site Features

First of all, navigation of the site is easy using the two menus located along the top and on the left side of every page.  In some instances, clicking on a left main menu item will open a sub-menu with links to additional pages.  You can get to most (but not all) of the site content from those menus and sub-menus. 

You'll notice there are two different Search features available in the right hand column.  The first, located at the very top of the column (above the bar labelled 'Newsflash'), is a box containing the words 'search this site...'  Click inside that box, type your search term, and then hit 'Enter' on your keyboard.  A list of links to every page on our website containing your search term will appear.  You can also access an Advanced Search feature for this site from the main menu. 

The other search window (below the bar labeled 'ESV Search') is for searching the Online ESV Bible.  In that box you can enter either a Scripture reference or your search terms, click 'Submit Query', and a new window will open with your search results.

There is a Newsflash section located on the right side of the home page, between the two search boxes.  Here you'll find information about current sermon topics, upcoming events, and various other items of interest.  For additional details on any Newsflash item, click on the "Read more..." link just below the intro text for that particular item.  As you probably know by now, clicking a "Read more..." link will always open a page that displays the rest of a given article.

Brother William's most recent sermons will be added to the site each week.  Clicking the Sermon Index Page link on the main menu will lead to a table containing links to all of Brother William's Sunday morning messages.  Please note that this main menu item has a sub-menu.  In all such instances, both the main item, and all the items below it, are active links.

We have a number of polls scattered around the site.  See if you can find them all!  Eventually we'll add new polls and retire some of the old ones.  We also recently added an online church calendar.  Look for the View Full Calendar link on the left side of the page.

We'll continue to introduce new features, like audio downloads, a "members area" (with prayer requests, member contact information, etc.), and more. If you're a member of our church and want to help other people find our website, consider adding a link to our site in your email signature; or, just send your friends and family a quick email telling them about it.  You can do that easily by clicking on the envelope icon (just to the right of the title) on any page.

The other icon you see there is to give you a printer-friendly version of the page you're viewing.  Click on that icon and a new window will open.  It will contain the main content of the page you want to print, and in the upper right hand corner of that page you'll see that same printer icon.  Click on it and your own printer software will open, as it does when you print any other document.

There are already a lot of great resources available here.  Please take some time to explore the site, and feel free to email us with your comments or suggestions.    If you experience any problems with the webiste, please use this form to contact the webmaster.  Thank you!

Thanks for visiting!

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 26 March 2013 )

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