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Don't Waste Your Cancer

In prayer meeting, Brother William recommended this article for those suffering with cancer.  It was originally written by John Piper shortly after he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  It has since been updated with comments by the Christian counselor David Powlison, who also has prostate cancer.  This is an oustanding meditation on sickness and how we should respond, as Christians, to something as serious as a diagnosis of cancer.  We highly recommend it.  The full article can be read on the Desiring God website.  ( Most of the following sermons are also now available in audio format on the new DG website):

Don't Waste Your Cancer

Additional resources from Desiring God:

First, here are two sermons John Piper preached in the period between his diagnosis and surgery.  They offer a great deal of Biblical insight and encouragement for anyone diagnosed with any serious illness.

How God's Word Produces Our Work

I Will Go to God, My Exceeding Joy

Then, a few weeks after preaching those sermons, Piper's emphasis on the sovereignty of God led him to ask (and answer) this question:

If God Wills Disease Why Should We Try to Eradicate It?

Shortly after he became the pastor of Bethlehem Baptist in 1980, Piper saw a need to explain his view of the difficult issues of sickness and healing.  Is it always God's will to heal?  What does the Bible actually teach about sickness, healing, and death?  How can we know how to pray for ourselves and others?  These are some of the questions addressed in this sermon:

Christ and Cancer

We hope these resources provide deep and abiding comfort and encouragement to all those who may be struggling with serious illness, and to those of us who love and pray for those struggling.  May the Lord knit our hearts together in prayer and in ministries of mercy and compassion.

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Don't Waste Your Cancer

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