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Sunday morning sermon series through the Gospel of Mark

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Mark 15:16-16:20: The Crucifixion at Christmas 5819
Mark 14:53-15:15: Forsaking God by Fearing, Following, and Pleasing Men 5876
Mark 14:32-52: Lessons from Gethsemane 6612
Mark 14:1-31: Remembering His Death and Honoring Him as Lord 5512
Mark 13:1-37: Persevering to the End 6120
Mark 11:27-12:44: Errors to Avoid 6149
Mark 11:1-25: First Lessons in Jerusalem 5884
Mark 10:32-52: Two Responses to the Same Question 5686
Mark 10:1-31: Further Misconceptions 5642
Mark 9:30-50: Misconceptions About Following Jesus 10197
Mark 9:14-29: Help My Unbelief 6463
Mark 8:22-9:13: Opening Our Eyes to the Truth 5661
Mark 8:11-21: The Struggle to See 7589
Mark 7:24-8:10; The Fulfillment of Prophecy and the Call to Humility 34800
Mark 7:1-23: The Trouble With Tradition (Or, Where's the Pastor's Tie?) 5437
Mark 6:30-56: The Compassion of Christ 5785
Mark 6:1-29: Evidence of the "Not Yet" - Unbelief 9554
Mark 4:35-5:43: The Power of the Kingdom 25401
Mark 4:1-34: The Secret of the Kingdom 6091
Mark 3:7-35: Understanding (& Misunderstanding) Jesus 20523
Mark 2:18-3:6 The Old and the New 5647
Mark 2:1-17: Forgiving Sin and Calling Sinners 6016
Mark 1:21-45: Why Heal and Cast Out Demons? 5640
Mark 1:14-20: Following Christ by Believing and Proclaiming the Gospel 5900
Mark 1:1-13: The Beginning of the Gospel 5486
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