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Sunday morning sermon series through the book of Genesis

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Gen 48-50: Sovereignty and Responsibility in the Lives of the Patriarchs 6853
Gen 45-47: Learning to Forgive Like Joseph 10871
Gen 42-44: Joseph, His Brothers, and their Sin 7023
Gen 37-41: Suffering in the Life of Joseph 7026
Gen 29:31-36:43: Lessons from the Life of a Patriarch 7117
Gen 27:1-29:30: Our Weakness Highlights His Mercy 6973
Gen 24-26: Sovereign in the Details 6934
Gen 20-23: The Lord Will Provide 7512
Gen 16-19: The Consequences of Sin and the Triumph of Grace 6963
Gen 12-15: A Pattern for God's Relationship with Man 7386
Gen 10-11: The Plans of Man and the Plan of God 7050
Gen 6:9-9:29: God's Response to Evil: Judgment and Salvation 6651
Gen 4:1-6:8: The Spread of Sin and the Grace of God 7234
Gen 3: Lessons from the Fall 7009
Gen 1-2 (Part 2): What Does Creation Teach Us About Man? 7023
Gen 1-2 (Part 1): What Does Creation Teach Us About God? 12716
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